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Renewable energy source is defined as "the energy source that can be available the next day in the evolution of nature".  is defined. The most important features of renewable energy sources are that they help to protect the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, they contribute to the reduction of foreign dependency in energy and increase employment because they are domestic sources, and they receive widespread and strong support from the public.


In other words, renewable energy sources have all the features of accessibility, availability, and acceptability.

Believing that renewable energy can replace other traditional energy sources in a short time, BME ENERJİ continues to invest in renewable energy production for a cleaner and more livable world.

It offers turnkey project design and EPC services at a high level for land and roof solar project owners. 

It has realized the projects and turnkey institutions of many solar power plants in various parts of Turkey and has gained the trust of its investors.

Yenilenebilir enerji


BME ENERJİ , which started its activities with the understanding of providing high quality solutions in the solar energy sector in Turkey, with its specialized management team and personnel, aims to be one of the leading renewable energy and EPC companies in Turkey.

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