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BME EYÜBOĞLU offers a good living space and a profitable investment to the home buyers with its high quality and special projects in the field of real estate development and it also contributes to the development of the regions it invests in.

While planning and developing new projects, it also closely monitors future lifestyles, new master plans, city planning decisions, market trends, and carries out projects in line with up-to-date information.

BME EYÜBOĞLU, who has adopted the principle of realizing what has not been done before and introducing people to new lifestyles; It produces smart solutions that will contribute to the developing and modernizing structure of the city by adapting to the historical, urban and natural structure.

While increasing the efficiency and performance of existing real estates, it rapidly continues its R&D studies for innovative projects, bringing a new perspective to real estate projects by designing environmentally friendly structures with structures that adapt to developing technology and green areas.

BME EYÜBOĞLU aims to undertake projects that will be talked about around the world and to create Turkey's social, cultural and economic centers of attraction.

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Feasibility Studies

Constructability Analysis

Preparation of Master Plan


Construction & Project Management

Risk Management


Procurement & Logistics

Project Delivery

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