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BME EYÜBOĞLU ,  provides comprehensive services in the areas of design and engineering, procurement, welded factory fabrication, modulation, construction, commissioning and commissioning, operation and maintenance, and project management.

It realizes all kinds of roads, highways, dams, infrastructure and their derivatives projects with its strong machinery park. The strong machinery park required for such projects provides great support to our company in business production.


Focusing on special projects in contracting works, BME Eyüboğlu İnşaat provides services in the superstructure and infrastructure works of the Cenal Karabiga Thermal Power Plant project, which is the first ultra-supercritical power plant of Turkey and implemented with the joint venture of Alarko Holding, and carries out all kinds of projects regardless of their type and scale. proved to be successful.


BME EYÜBOĞLU , with its important projects, provides services to employers and communities, sustainable development,

It provides socio-economic growth and safe travel opportunities.

Our company, which has been operating since 1967 with its corporate background, technological power, experienced staff and unique knowledge in the sector, prioritizes customer satisfaction with activities such as quality assurance, work safety, work planning, in order to complete the work in the targeted time and cost with effective resource use. It completes the committed project on a turnkey basis to its owner.

Our company continues its activities with its technical staff and machinery, which completes the works on time without sacrificing quality in accordance with its technical knowledge, environmental and safety conditions in the construction works it undertakes.

Engineering & Design Services

Construction & Project Management

Commissioning Services

Design, Engineering & Construction

Making Project Purchases

Operation and Maintenance Services

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