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During our history as BME EYÜBOĞLU , we have witnessed many economic, cultural and perhaps most importantly technological transformations.


We have always taken agile and fast decisions in the face of developing technology, new concepts that have entered our lives, changing ways of doing business and priorities. We have strengthened our power in production with the goal of being a pioneer rather than keeping up with the change, and the practices we have implemented in this direction.

Today, our most important efforts include leading change and catching the future.

Our responsibility towards our hundreds of colleagues, our business partners in Turkey and other countries, and our local stakeholders always encourages us to act with a visionary approach.


We will continue to invest in our country within the framework of our sustainable growth strategies, and we will continue to encourage global companies from abroad to invest in our country.


While planning our new investments, we attach importance to our strategies, risk management systems and project development techniques in order to successfully interpret the economic, social and technological developments brought by our age.

We will increase our contribution to our country's economy by focusing on production with each passing year. We will implement the investments we have planned, while expanding the scope of our efforts to strengthen our presence in the global arena. As one of the important companies in Turkey, we will continue our responsibility to generate benefits for the world we live in, our country, our employees and our stakeholders, and to use technology to create benefits.


Knowing that being reliable is our indispensable goal and in this direction, the necessity of complying with our superior business ethics and honest working principles, we will maintain our dynamism together with our entrepreneurial spirit and we will undertake many other important works.








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