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With the increase in the population of Doğubayazıt center and the effect of the increasing population moving away from the city, more importance should be given to infrastructure works. 


Waste water sewer line, storm water transport line, inspection manholes for the control of these lines and parcel manholes and pipes for the connection of buildings to these lines are planned to be built.

The entire system complies with TS EN 752 design criteria.

  1. Construction of 41.43 km sewerage network,

  2. Prefabricated culvert box construction for 5.09 km wastewater pipeline and 4.77 km rainwater collection,

  3. 40m special culvert crossing, river, highway etc. pipe puller and/or horizontal drilling construction,

  4. Supply, installation and construction of 32,760 m waste water house connection pipes and 4680 parcel manholes,

  5. Construction of 972 manholes for sewer pipelines,

  6. Construction of 179 manholes for stormwater pipelines,

  7. Supply, installation and construction of 9.576 m grating connection pipe and 684 street entrance structures and gratings,

  8. Preparation of the as-built plans of the waste water collection system network for the sewerage network,

  9. Making final application designs and work/factory drawings to make rooms and other structures fit for purpose.

  10. Making final application designs of crossings (highway, canal, etc.) in order to obtain final permissions from the relevant authorities

  11. Making all kinds of designs due to changes and variations in pipeline routes


work will be completed and delivered.



  • Start Date: 2022

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