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With the project, which started within the scope of the Gallipoli Ferry Terminal Marine Structures construction work, the passenger capacity of the pier was doubled.


Old pier was located in the city which affected traffic adversely and thanks to the newly built pier ,the capacity has been doubled.

With the pier coming into service, it is aimed to prevent the queue waiting situation in the expeditions between Gallipoli, Lapseki and Çardak.

The town of Gallipoli gained economic vitality. Within the scope of the first stage of the project, soil improvement, filling, fortification and marine piled pier productions were completed on time by us in a way that all international quality specifications were met and delivered to the administration.

Within the scope of the 2nd phase works of the project, the terminal buildings and surface coating productions will be completed and the Gallipoli Pier will have a new and modern face.



  • Start Date: 2020

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